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The League of World Dominating Bastards!
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in League of World Dominating Bastards' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
3:01 am
I'll get you next time!
This new icon is dedicated to this community.

Current Mood: mad
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
3:29 am
Thursday, November 6th, 2003
3:41 am
There hasn't been a lot of dominating going on here. We must not slack off and let the Republicans do all the world domination!

I'll give a tootsie roll pop to the one of you who's been the most devious lately.

Current Mood: mischievous
Sunday, July 27th, 2003
2:58 am
I have turned another straight boy straight! Muahahaha!

One of the guys at work who's been eyeballing me mentioned today that he has a girlfriend.

FEAR MY EV0L!!!!!!!! \m/

Current Mood: devious
Friday, June 27th, 2003
1:30 pm
The first plan.
I see by the dessention in the ranks, that a plan is required. Well, I shall throw out one of my innumerable plans for you to ponder!

My first grand plan is to bore a hole through the planet, discarding the liquid magma nougat in the middle. This will cause havoc in itself, but that isn't the best part of the plan!

Now that we have control of the giant hole, we can kidnap world leaders and hold them for incredable sums if money and control over their countries. If they do not bow to our whims, we throw them in the hole!

This is the insidious part: As they reach the center of the earth, they would start to slow rapidly, charring their puny bodys to ash! Either that, or "god" would have a seziure. Either way, we are the winners!

And as a side effect of this plan, we can throw chickens and cows full of seasonings down the hole, where they will get cooked by the deceleration, and then intelligent monkeys on ropes will go down and fetch the cooked cows/chickens and we can sell them as Gravity Fried Chciken and Cow. Our costs are nil, as we will steal the chickens and cows to begin with. We will be RICH!


Current Mood: Totally Evil
11:49 am
I must say...
I'm rather disappointed.

There are exactly 14 members here, all of whom have so far stated their powers, and why they are going to be the ones to dominate the world, some of whom have outrightedly stated that we will all be 'pawns' for them to use, but not a single one of you has actually laid forth a plan to conquer this planet!

Tut. Tut.

As it is, my own plans perhaps aren't ones everyone would appreciate, as they're all about subtlety and waiting many years. From the sound of it, I assume many of you would rather find all the nuclear weapons in the Earth and demand that the mere mortals of this world bow down to us or we'll blow them up. While I'll admit that this is the quicker method, I prefer subtlety and trust.

As it is, I have rather simple powers that are powerful nonetheless. They are intelligence, feminity (for none can deny it has it's own certain... something) and the ability to slip into many various roles when necessary. I'm not afraid of hiding myself if necessary behind a facade. I'm rather good at it.


Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
1:07 am
As I stated in scumm_boy's journal, my super powers include having facial expressions for all occasions, speaking whale, and fighting off "the gay" (in males only).

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
11:33 pm
11:33 pm
we need to aquire this place's inventory


Current Mood: villainous
10:33 pm
I am the PROPOGANDA MASTA. I will make the films that show us as benefactors and liberators, then we TAKE THE PLANET! THE WORLD IS OURS!!!

Well, not right now, of course. I mean, I'm kinda tired after work. Maybe tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow will suffice.


Current Mood: jubilant
3:14 pm
Forsooth, I am the most diabolical of all!

My superpower is turning straight guys straight!

Oh, you might expect someone with superpowers to turn straight people gay or vice versa, but I'm extra-diabolical! No one expects it! No one resists it! No one believes it! Watch the masses cower in fear before me, dreading the moment I reaffirm their sexualities! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Current Mood: mischievous
11:51 am
Explain my super power? What?!? You don't KNOW?! What are you, NEW?!

Enough talk! We have a world to dominate!
9:10 am
I too am honoured to be included among the esteemed ranks of the L.O.W.D.B.

My super-power is Bitchcraft, which is the much tastier and more deadly 'cousin-no-one-talks-about' of Witchcraft. Spells? Broomsticks? Cauldrons? Bah! I have no need of such mundane things. I can rip the unworthy to shreds and make them wail like small children with nothing but a few well-chosen words.


Current Mood: Bitchin'
6:01 am
It is a great honour to be accepted among the ranks of the League of Extraordinarily Bastardous Gentlemen or whatever we are called. My super-power is Smartassm, which is like sarcasm but much more annoying. My plan? See my Current Music. =)

Current Mood: smartasstic
8:40 am
Welcome, Fellow members of the League of World Dominating Bastards!
I am The Communist Ressurector! All bow to my communist ressurecting powers! I also have a super-secret secondary power, but it shall remain hidden now.

Once you join the League of World Domniating Bastards, you must introduce yourself, and explain your power (if necessary). After that, when an evil plan of World Domination comes to you, you can post the details of it here, so the League can further its purpose.

On to business!

Current Mood: Utterly Evil
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